Historically, Alter Hall has been the central classroom building for Xavier University in the 20th century. For the past 50 years, nearly every Xavier student and faculty member has passed through Alter Hall. Xavier envisioned a revitalized facility that would be positioned to contribute to teaching and learning utilizing advanced technology deep into the 21st century. Xavier wanted a portfolio of flexible classroom environments. The overall goal was to meet future learning style demands and potential enrollment growth.



Nor-Com played a significant role in helping Xavier achieve their goals for the transformation of Alter Hall. The installation of a variety of different audio visual and control systems enables the faculty to schedule a room that meets their teaching styles and needs. The traditional “Single Projector” and “Dual Projector” classrooms allow the instructor to display content from a laptop, local computer, or wireless from just about any mobile device. The “Combinable” classrooms add the capability of combining the audio visual system with the adjacent classroom, this allows them to serve a larger student size, then break out into smaller groups. This configuration also provides the instructors with an excellent team teaching environment. The “Flexible” classrooms, move the video displays to portable carts, giving the instructor the ability to locate the display as need within the space and configure the room to their teaching style. The mobile video displays also support local inputs allowing for quick and easy collaboration in breakout sessions.