The Entertainment market includes performing arts theaters, museums, visitor centers and sporting venues. Facilities vary by size and scope, are often larger than many other project types and require specialized skills, certifications and licensing. Typically, Nor-Com is part of a collaborative design team of specialized providers. There are often video production, stage and lighting elements that require coordination with our systems for a complete integrated venue.

Licensing is a critical element to ensuring customer safety and enjoyment. Rigging, safety performance, testing and maintenance of large displays, speaker arrays, and interface to building infrastructure, life safety, communications and electrical circuits require attention to detail on every task and hand-off between many specialized disciplines. A technician or engineer, who is certified to administer rigid testing and documentation, reviews our work tasks against industry standards.

Typical entertainment supported functions include:

  • Presentation, meeting, huddle, performance & entertainment spaces
  • Entertainment or high–performance professional sound
  • Lighting display, workspace, accent amenities
  • Audio-Visual classroom, presentation, laboratory, huddle, performance & entertainment spaces
  • Large video walls, led social media walls (interior & exterior)
  • Digital signage, wayfinding, kiosks, food & vending menus
  • Cloud conferencing
  • Infrastructure amenities (e.g., phone, Wi-Fi, structured cabling & network electronics)
  • IP video distribution
  • Broadcast production studios
  • Sound & voice reinforcement (e.g., classroom, gyms & playing fields)
  • District & campus wide central sound (e.g., IP or traditional intercom, mass notification)
  • Touch-screen room schedulers
  • Clocks & time change signaling
  • Building automation
  • Video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection
  • Shooter detection systems, area of rescue units
  • Statistics reporting
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    Brian Keys, Vice President of Technology
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Representative project types

  • Sports Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Visitor Centers
  • Tasting Rooms