Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ball Park (GABP)
March 26, 2019

Appleton Estate Rum

Location - Jamaica
Community - Entertainment
Contract Amount - $125,000
Nor-Com provided technical integration services, with four areas of focus:
  • Space consists of large-scale projection, image size 21' x 13'.
  • Synchronized with 7.1 audio and lighting; show starts from push button.
  • Audio signal passes through Dolby Decoder into Bose DSP/Amplifier combination that drives eight speakers.
  • Lighting control is via DMX.
VIP Tasting Room
  • Dual-function room can be used for presentations and; press of button runs video sequence.
  • Projector is Meeting Room unit with Ultra Short Throw lens; projects into motorized drop down screen.
  • HDMI socket connects to projector’s input; other socket connected to video player in rack.
  • 3.5mm audio jack allows for remote audio source connection to sound system; audio equipment in rack.
  • Projector has audio output that provides feed from selected input, and audio output from auxiliary HDMI.
  • Video runs from solid-state video player; button-activated.
  • Lighting control panel allows manual control.
  • A multi-zone audio replay system operates in: Welcome Centre (3 zones), Retail (1 zone), Main Circulation Hall Way (2 zones), Theatre Entrance (1 zone), Restaurant (3 zones), 3 Tasting Rooms 1 (1 zone in each).
  • iPads, installed throughout main building in protective mounts, run software developed for tour; connected to dedicated AV WiFi network and in 13 strategic locations.