Taft Conference Center at Fountain Square
March 27, 2019
Jim Beam Stillhouse
March 27, 2019


Location - Louisville, KY
Community - Workplace
Contract Amount - $160,000

There isn’t anything in Scoppechio’s custom-designed space that isn’t exciting. Look closely ... this isn’t simply a small conference room — it’s a conference room that engages with the company’s computer system to provide everything from who has the room reserved to what times it’s reserved for any day, any time.

From a six-wall screen meant for multi-channel viewing or maybe a little gaming, to interactive video monitors in the lobby — Nor-Com helped bring this office into the latest, most interactive technology.

Dynamic utilization, incorporating projection and multi-monitor display systems, program sound reinforcement, teleconferencing, and multiple-source media selection and display, Nor-Com can design the systems to meet your corporate needs.